Franco Albini e Franca Helg


Franco Albini (1905-1977) and Franca Helg (1929-1989) began to work together in 1952.

This practice, later on was joined by the architects Antonio Piva and Marco Albini, is concerned about architecture, townplanning and design. In 1952 they were responsible for the restoration of the S. Lorenzo, Palazzo Bianco and Rosso Museums, the city council offices and the residential and office complex of Piccapietra in Genoa. From 1957 they designed La Rinascente store in Rome, five residential blocks in Milan and the thermal baths at Salsomaggiore. In 1962 they designed the fittings for the first line (and later for the second one) of the Milan metro system. In 1973, with other office’s members, they designed the third building for the Snam offices at San Donato Milanese.

They collaborated with San Lorenzo since 1970.