Luigi Veronesi


Milano 1908 – 1998. In 1934 he joined in the “Abstraction Création Group” of Paris – he was part to the “Gruppo del Milione” of Milan and in 1935 participated in the “First collective Italian abstract art-Exhibition”, Turin . Ever since he participated in the most important non figurative art-exhibitions in Italy and abroad.

One-man shows in Milan, Turin, Genoa, Livorno, Bologna, Paris, S.Paul de Venice.

Prizes in Venice, Ancona, Turin, Milano, Torre Pelice, Knokke le Zoute.

He also realized abstract films, scenographies and studies about chromatic visualization of sounds. He taught at Rinascita School, at Umanitaria in Milan and at C.S.D.I. in Venice.

Veronesi collaborates with San Lorenzo in the creation of an limited serie of gold and semi-precious stone rings, as well as of a numerated edition sculpture.